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A​​ngelic ​Motivation

"I have been receiving readings from Andrea for quite some time now, so when I saw her latest offering for a New Year Guidance Reading, I booked it immediately!  I'm so glad I did because as always she provided me such insight, guidance and clarity into the last year of my life and for this upcoming year too!  Her intuition, integrity and professionalism are second to none. She creates a space of trust, warmth, understanding and comfortability that is unparalleled. She is consistently on point and always gives me exactly what I need. I consider it a blessing, honor and privilege to experience a reading with her.  If you are considering a new year guidance reading or any reading from Andrea, I'm here to tell you to BOOK IT now! You will not be disappointed."


I met Andrea about two years ago and immediately connected with her through her book “Messages From My Grandparents In Heaven”. Her beautiful soul and bright light made a lasting impression on me. I recently received a New Year Guidance Reading from her, and it was nothing short of extraordinary. Not only did I love the time spent with this kind soul via zoom but the descriptive reading itself and then the extremely detailed breakdown of my reading was spectacular. I have received readings in the past and was always a little overwhelmed by the information I received and most of the time forget small details from these readings. I appreciate having this descriptive write up of my reading that I can look back on and have all the important information from the reading. Andreas passion and kindness radiated through her reading and I am happy to go through the new year with the guidance she has given through her reading. I will be interested in more readings from Andrea in the near future. 


Andrea’s New Year Guidance Reading was very detailed, informative and heartfelt. I have been very curious as to what the next year will bring and what spirit guides or archangels are around me. Andrea’s reading answered these questions and much more. I really enjoyed the zoom / live interaction, watching the cards come out and making some instant connections. After the reading Andrea provides a detailed report of the reading and pictures of all the cards. I appreciated this as it gave me the opportunity to reflect on the cards and their meanings. I’d definitely recommend this reading and I'm looking forward to having Andrea do more readings for me! 


 I didn't know what to expect from my New Year Guidance reading, but after experiencing the disaster that was 2020, I knew I definitely could use some guidance! My reading with Andrea was pretty incredible--not only did it help me reflect on the past, but it also got me excited about my future. Since our reading, I have felt inspired and reinvigorated in both my business and personal life, and am really looking forward to the year ahead!


***Please Note: All Angel Readings, Masterclasses, Resources & Angel Guidance Coaching sessions are for entertainment purposes only & not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. 

 Please see licensed psychiatrist or counselor for diagnosis & treatment.***