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A​ngelic Motivation

What our customers are saying

"Andrea is very talented and knowledgeable in the Angelic field...she is a true God send! She is truly an angel herself...thank you for all your advice!"

~ Danelle ~​

What our customers are saying

"Andrea is a bright shining light when she enters a room.

You feel a sense of calm and peace fall over you (and that was before she even did an angel card reading for me). During my reading, I felt more at peace and ease, as she thoroughly explained the meaning of each card to me and offered guidance on how to incorporate these meanings into my life. Andrea made me aware of a blockage in my throat chakra. I followed her guidance on how to remove that blockage, and I can now say that I have found my "voice." Thank you Andrea! You are truly an Angel! Love and Light!"

 ~ Laura ~

What our customers are saying

"My first reading with Andrea was like my life's plan set out for me and all the changes that she saw are still happening. It's unfolding just the way she said. We also have the pleasure of her beautiful spirit at our store and her doing her readings there and I have to say everyone has been touched by her beautiful readings she really connects with your soul."

~ Carol ~

What our customers are saying

My reading was so perfect and honest. On point with such explanation. I wasn’t confused. I left with clarity. Thank you. Will see Andrea soon.

~ Christine ~