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A​​ngelic ​Motivation

Angel Card Readings, Angelic Realm, Guardian Angels, Archangels, Spirit Guides,

Specialty Readings

Your Angelic Guides are with you in every aspect of your life, relaying signs, symbols & messages along the way for you to discover & embrace.  Your guides also further connect with you within areas you're interested in such as Dreams, Numbers, Moon Phases, etc.  Which specialty reading aligns with you?

Angelic Numerology: The numbers you see frequently are not a coincidence. Each number holds various energies & messages that unlock the answers you've been seeking. What are your Angelic numbers showing you?

Angelic Tarot:  An angelic-based approach to traditional Tarot, revealing past, present & future aspects of your life's journey & all the connections guiding your way. 

Dream Interpretation:  Everyone dreams, yes even you! Decode what your dreams are showing you, the messages you miss while you're awake.  Also learn how to dream prep, dream recall & connect with your Dream Guide.

Mercury Retrograde:  Reconnect with your Soul's intentions.  Reconnect to areas in your life that you've procrastinated, neglected, weren't ready to feel. What needs to be renewed, reclaimed, resolved during a time where communication & planning can sometimes seem confusing. This reading includes a pdf journal.

Moon Phases:  Discover why a New & Full moon affect you & why you feel, think & act the way you do during all the other Moon phases.  Surrender & release what no longer aligns,  embrace your intuitive abilities to set your intentions. This reading includes a pdf journal.

New Year Guidance Reading:  A Three-Part reading, setting mindful intentions/goals for the New Year; embracing the lessons of the past year, reviewing new year's energetic messages, surrendering & releasing what no longer aligns and celebrating what does by aligning with mantras & affirmations.  This reading includes a pdf journal.

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***Please Note: All Angel Readings, Masterclasses, Resources & Angel Guidance Coaching sessions are for entertainment purposes only & not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. 

 Please see licensed psychiatrist or counselor for diagnosis & treatment.***