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Special Thanks To....

*My Guardian Angels for connecting with me always & enabling me to deliver their messages of guidance, inspiration & comfort for those who seek to live a more positive life.  I'm blessed to have answered their calling & for the ability to understand the intuitive energies surrounding me.  It warms my heart to know that I'm helping bring clarity to others' lives. 

*My Grandparents for constantly loving & watching over me - even though they are no longer on this earth.  Their guidance helped create my first published book & I feel ever more closer to them all.

*Colleen Rose of Bunnie & Clyde Productions for my headshots, photos of my book & garden images displayed throughout this website.  Her vision & talent is so beautiful & detailed - the world needs to know her passion for art & love of animals!

*Laura, my Yoga Instructor (Energy Doctor) for helping me stay balanced & introducing me to Jessica of Changes Wellness in Staten Island  & Carol & Anthony of Zen Trading Post in Staten Island, NY.   All have welcomed me into their families/establishments with open arms & have helped me connect with so many clients.  I appreciate so much these opportunities they've made possible for me.  I also love how comforting, pure & energizing the Zen Trading Post store is!  This is definitely a store of healing & enlightenment.

*My clients who constantly show me knew meanings of life & the beauty within it.  Their smiles of serenity reminds me of what's more important in life & I love witnessing their healing progress.

*Danelle of the Beach Walk Hotel in Ocean City Maryland who welcomed my husband & I into her home & for introducing me to such wonderful people there who love Angels & are open to receiving their guidance. 

*My family & friends for their continued support along my journey to embrace my Lightworker purpose & my goal as a published author. To artist & actor Joseph Bartolotta for bringing incredible, loving visuals to my first published book.  Special thanks to Deanna & her family for enabling me to have my first ever Angel Reading Party in their home & countless readings.

*And last but certainly not least, my husband, & best friend Anthony  whose faith, love & patience in me along my path has given me wings of joy & confidence!  (Credit for the flower photo above, & the purple flower & clock image on my events tab,  goes to my  husband - both photographs taken on our Honeymoon in Monaco, France & Dubrovnik, Croatia.)