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A​​ngelic ​Motivation

For Years, I've Always Wanted To Create My Own Oracle Card Decks

I have a plethora of ideas living inside my mind. Conducting Angel Card Readings through the years, I've used decks created by others, which I'm grateful for, but I feel it's time I created & used my own. I've been guided by my Guardian Angels, to turn these reading cards into reality. I've already started working on some of these card designs, and here's how you can take part in helping me....

Product Survey Participants

Even though I have my own ideas, I want to see what you'd be interested in as well. I would love to hear your feedback when I share my draft designs.  Once I do, I'd like for you to let me know your thoughts on my choices of: design, color, themes, wording, packaging, etc.  Please be won't hurt my feelings!

As a Thank You....

Giveaways &  Discounts

For those who sign-up to participate in my surveys & provide me feedback, you'll receive.....

  • A FREE 3-Card Angel Reading--first 10 Participants... (1 SPOT REMAINING) 
  • The next 10 participants, $20 off a Reading 
  • And for the rest that follows, $15.00 off a Reading 

I'm ecstatic to share this new venture with you & can't wait to receive your input!!! Please direct message me below if you're interested in joining my product survey list & to receive your giveaways & discount information.

Participate Here