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Events 2020

At Zen Trading Post

1600 Richmond Road Staten Island, NY

Intuitive Poetry - January 5th - 5pm

Join me and my co-host - Empath & Tarot Card Reader Aerial Perez for our monthly Poetry Class - connecting with your higher self &  guides through your intuition, oracle cards & the written word.  (no experience needed with writing poetry) Donation Based (Suggested Donation: $11.00)

Inner Child Readings - January 8th - 7:15pm

Within this workshop--group/collective setting.....

 you'll rediscover:

-your zest for life

-your passions in life

-how to smile more


-how to carve out time for yourself and do something fun

-how to connect more with your children

-appreciate the simple things in life and be more grateful

-a newfound sense of confidence in yourself and trust in others

-create healthy boundaries

-receive your personal message from your inner child.

***Before we explore our inner-child’s messages, we'll do a surprise fun activity to get our creative juices flowing!***

Energetic Exchange: $20.00

Events 2020

At Zen Trading Post

1600 Richmond Road Staten Island, NY

Guardian Angel Meditations - January 15th - 7:15pm

Whether you're new to meditating, or someone who frequently practices, you can still enjoy a peaceful, beautiful evening of guided meditations with your Guardian Angels while strengthening your connection with them. 

Depending on how open you are to meditating, you might experience some or all of the following:

-Discovering your Guardian Angel name(s)

-How many Angels are guiding you

-What your Guardian Angel(s) possibly look like

-What your Angel(s) possibly sound like

-Your Guardian Angels messages regarding life purpose, health, relationships, transformation, forgiveness, inner peace, surrender & release, patience, sending healing to others & so much more.

Each month will focus on different meditations to connect with your Guardian Angels. At the end of the meditation, I will conduct an energetic reading to further relay additional messages from our Guardian Angels. Essential Oils will also be used to further connect with your Guardian Angels.

Energetic Exchange: $20.00

The New Power of Self-Love - 3 Part Series - 

January 17th , 31st & Feb 21st - 7pm

***Register in Advance***

Co-hosted with Yoga Instructor & Nutrition Coach Laura Gotlin, you'll be journeying through the Root, Sacral & Ear Chakras, Angel Card Readings, Automatic Writing, Essential Oils, Crystals & Restorative Yoga...toward healthier self-love care.

To Register, please visit: