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~ Events 2019 ~

Angel Card Readings

Zen Trading Post

Every Wednesday ~ 1pm - 6pm

1600 Richmond Road

Staten Island, NY

Every Wednesday, I will help connect you with your Guardian Angels & their messages of guidance, inspiration & comfort - for any area of your life.

Each week explore various oracle card decks such as Archangels, Life Purpose, Crystals, Past Life, Relationships, Color Therapy, Angel Tarot and so much more. Check Zen's Facebook stories and posts to see which theme is presented each week.

Your Guardian Angels will guide you toward understanding your past, recognize your present situations, inspire you to choose more uplifting thoughts for the future & offer comfort as you embark on your journey toward reaching clarity in your life.

No appointment needed - Walk-in readings available -

Exchange: $20.00 for 3 cards.

***If you would like a more in-depth reading (using multiple decks) & want to schedule on Wednesdays or another day, please inquire with Andrea:  [email protected] 

Spring Renewal Workshop

April 13th ~ 1pm-4pm

Staten Island Urby

8 Navy Pier Court

Staten Island, NY 10304

Renew & revitalize yourself for the Spring season as you explore the many uses of pure essential oils during this unique wellness workshop through Yoga, Acupuncture & Connecting with Your Guardian Angels.

So honored to work along side Laura Gotlin: Advanced 350hr Certified Yoga Instructor, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach & doTERRA essential oil enthusiast &

Laura Pasquale, Acupuncturist & Holistic Health Counselor Acupuncturist, for this healing workshop. 

Archangels 101 Workshop

Tuesday, April 23 ~ 7pm-9pm

Zen Trading Post

1600 Richmond Road

Staten Island, NY

There are Archangels among us whose distinct abilities/energies help guide us through various areas within our lives.  Some of the many purposes they have is to remind us of our strengths & guide us toward a more purposeful life.

Some Archangels are known to help us heal, communicate clearly, resolve arguments, connect with one's own confidence and so much more.

Within this workshop you'll acquaint yourself with 15 Archangels and discover how they can impact your life and how you can develop a stronger relationship connecting with them.

A collective/group 3 - Card Archangel Reading will also be conducted.

Exchange: $30.00‚Äč

Coming Soon to Zen Trading Post : 

Monthly Angelic Meditations

Whether you're new to meditating,  or  someone who frequently practices, you can still enjoy the peaceful, loving connection of guided meditations with your Guardian Angels & their loving messages. Depending on how open you are to meditating, you might experience some or all of the following:
  • Discovering your Guardian Angel name(s)
  • How many Angels are guiding you
  • What your Guardian Angel(s) possibly look like
  • What your Angel(s) sound like
  • Your Guardian Angels messages of guidance for you
Each month will focus on different meditations to connect with your Guardian Angels.

Stay tuned for scheduled date & time.