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~ Events 2019 ~

Join me & Certified Yoga Instructor & Nutritionist, Laura Gotlin as we reawaken & nurture the Power of Self-Love within through Angel Readings & Restorative Yoga.

​Activating Self-Love: Friday: Jan. 11, 2019 – 7pm-9pm

Practicing Self-Love: Sunday: Jan. 27, 2019 - 1pm-3pm

Surrendering to Self-Love: Fri: Feb 8, 2019 - 7pm -9pm

For location, workshop session descriptions Registration/Pricing details, please visit:

*Not required to attend all 3 sessions*

***Special Package Price for those attending all 3***

Mercury Retrograde: Renew Your Life

March 5th is this year's first Mercury Retrograde.

During this time we feel heightened emotions of impatience, confusion, frustration, irritability & delay because Mercury is known as the messenger planet. Instead of viewing Retrograde as a three-week period of chaotic, draining randomness , we are rather presented with the chance to Review, Release & Renew various areas of our lives, that perhaps we've procrastinated on, or need much more self care & attention to.

This Workshop will help you:

• Understand why you feel sensitive during Mercury Retrograde.

• Learn how to prep for it & thrive during & after its completion.

• Know how to use your Sun Sign & current month of Retrograde sign, to determine what specific messages Mercury Retrograde is revealing to you.

• Discover how to Review, Release, & Renew various areas of your life that need healing.

• Receive a collective/group 3-Card Angel Reading, revealing your Guardian Angels' advice in harnessing Mercury Retrograde's positive energy.

For Registration, location, & further workshop details, please visit:

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Monthly Angelic Meditations

Whether you're new to meditating,  or  someone who frequently practices, you can still enjoy the peaceful, loving connection of guided meditations with your Guardian Angels & their loving messages. Depending on how open you are to meditating, you might experience some or all of the following:
  • Discovering your Guardian Angel name(s)
  • How many Angels are guiding you
  • What your Guardian Angel(s) possibly look like
  • What your Angel(s) sound like
  • Your Guardian Angels messages of guidance for you
Each month will focus on different meditations to connect with your Guardian Angels.

Stay tuned for scheduled date & time.