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There are various Core & Specialty Angel Reading Selections to discover.

As you scroll down below, you'll find which reading calls to you.....

 Angel Reading 

For those who are new to Angel Readings, this reading offers a brief introduction of the guidance, advice & comfort your Angels want you to know. 

You'll receive Past, Present & Future energetic messages

You may also want to choose this reading to connect with energies for an upcoming week.

Questions you can inquire:

-Life Purpose



-What are my spiritual gifts?

-What messages do my Angels want me to know?

-Weekly Reading


Angel Reading

This reading offers more insight regarding any question(s) you may have within various areas of your life & you'll discover which Guardian Angel is guiding you. 

Questions you can inquire:

-Life Purpose



-Who are my Guardian Angels?

-What are my spiritual gifts?

-What messages do my Angels want me to know?

Archangel Reading 

A much more layered reading is offered here, than with Angel Readings &  Guardian Angel Readings.

You'll receive a step-by-step guide enabling you recognize your blocks & how to heal them. Also you'll have a deeper understanding of your life purpose & further connect you with your Guardian Angels & Archangels.  

Questions you can inquire:

-Life Purpose



-Who are my Guardian Angels?

-What are my spiritual gifts?

-What messages do my Angels   want me to know?

-12-Month Reading

Angel Reading Parties...

at Zen Trading Post, Changes, or

In Your Home


Special Occasions

Angel Reading Parties:

(5 people Minimum / 10 people Maximum per party)*

**Host of party receives free reading**

You & 5 -- 10 of your friends/relatives can attend a fun-filled Angel Party where you can connect with your Guardian Angels.

Each guest receives a private reading, while your friends await their turn, completing fun activities & eat healthy foods such as crackers, cheese, fruit, vegetables, water can be served in the host's home.

(It’s best to have healthier foods while conducting Angel Readings to better connect to your Angels’ messages.)


Special Occasion

Angel Reading Parties:

For Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, Bachelorette Parties, Birthday or Anniversary Parties.

Each guest will receive a $10.00 off coupon toward their next one-on-one angel reading.

**Prices based on hours

of event.

Please call for further

pricing & details.**

Angelic Messages for Children/Teenagers

Both parent & child/teenager will receive a truly beautiful healing experience when receiving guided advice from your child's guardian angels'. These readings will help boost your child's confidence, faith, inner peace, individuality, creativity, self love & so much more. Parent is definitely recommended to be present during the reading. Ages: 6--19

Angelic Numerology

Do you see 333, 444, or 1111 often? With number readings, you can finally understand the messages hidden for you within certain number combinations.

Angelic Tarot

A more detailed reading, combining the wisdom of traditional tarot & the positive symbolism & imagery of Angel Readings. These readings provide a gentler--softer approach infused with straightforward--guided messages. Angel Tarot will also inspire you with comforting guidance.

Chakra Guidance

Do you sometimes feel you have certain blocks in your life that seem unexplainable? To obtain a more balanced life emotionally & physically, Chakra readings will assist in connecting you with your own 7 inner, energy channels that affect your mental, physical & emotional parts of self.

Color Therapy

As Feng Shui sets the tone in your home or office, Color Readings sets the tone for your inner peace, promoting positive outlooks & healing in your life. Learn what colors work best toward your healing & how to incorporate more color into your life

Crystal Healing

The earth contains numerous crystals that hold various healing properties pertaining to any physical, mental or emotional aspect that needs improvement in your life. Discover through Crystal Healing Readings, which crystal(s) to work with & how to incorporate crystals into your life.

Departed Loved-Ones

Receive messages from those who have passed away through the loving guidance of your guardian angels. Begin the journey of closure & peace.

***Please note, these readings are not traditional Mediumship readings, for I am not a Medium-- rather, these readings are conducted through a different approach--Angelic channeling--connecting you & your departed loved one through your guardian angels. ***

Dream Interpretation

Ever wonder why you have reoccurring dreams? What the significance of the color purple is, or what running water means? With Dream Readings, your Angels can help you understand the underlying messages in your dream state. Our dreams are not meant to scare us. Rather, dreams help us tap into a source of endless information that clues us in to understanding more about ourselves, others & the situations we find ourselves in.

Flower Energy

Spending time in nature is quite healing. Flowers & gardens are not just pretty views to marvel at.  They also  possess energizing, theraputic qualities. Discover which flower energies will help heal you & how to incorporate more flowers into your home or garden.

Past Life Memories

Have you discovered that you're able to master a craft in this lifetime, but have no prior knowledge of doing it before? Do you have a close connection to certain time periods that occurred before you were born? Do you feel that you don't belong in this time period? Do you have a struggling connection with money or lengthy history with your health? Do you feel you've known someone before that you just met?

Past life readings help uncover the roles/experiences you've had in lifetimes past, and how it affects you today. Old habits/ patterns, ways of thinking & past relationships that are carried down from each lifetime, that were never addressed - can now embark on a karmic healing.  

Year Review Reading

Two Readings In One:

A Recap of the energy from the previous year and a detailed-month-to-month review of the energies of the new year. 

Connect with your Guardian Angels' insights/perspectives for the new year - enabling you to better prepare for your life purpose. 


~All Ages Welcome!~

Angel Readings: A more detailed reading than what is conducted during Angel Reading Parties/Special Occasion Readings. This one-on-one session, connects you further with your Angels & helps you gain insight on any question you may have in various areas of your life.

During these readings, you can ask questions regarding:

  • Life Purpose
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Who are my Guardian Angels?
  • What are my spiritual gifts?
  • What messages do my Angels want me to know?
  • Weekly Reading
  • 12-Month Reading

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***Please Note: All Angel Readings, Angelic Workshops & Angelic Life Coaching sessions are for entertainment purposes only & not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. Please see licensed psychiatrist or counselor for diagnosis & treatment.***