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Angelic Life Coaching Price-Packaging

Coaching Sessions Available via ZOOM

***Please note, if you prefer further guidance beyond the Initial Session, but the packages below are not within your financial means, 

you don’t have to purchase the packages below…instead, you can pay for separate sessions 

whenever you feel you need them: $75.00 each session.*** 

Initial Session

(One Session)


This first session involves getting acquainted with  who you are & your goals. Whether you need to realign your life purpose, or are still uncertain & don't know where to start, we will explore: 


*How Angelic Life Coaching Helps Manifest Your Life Purpose

 *Tools Used Through Angelic Life Coaching

*Understanding the Realm of Manifestation

*Getting to Know Yourself/Your Goals

*Discovering the Angelic 

Realm/Communication Styles

*Oracle Card Reading / Affirmations

**If you choose to go beyond this Initial Session, & would like follow-up sessions, you can choose among the next three packages that you feel, best suit your needs.**

Guidance Package ~ $300.00 ~ (6 Sessions)

**Payment Options:

This package can be paid either in full upon 1st session or in two installments of $150, (at Sessions 1 & 3). 

Sessions can be scheduled 

bi-monthly or monthly.**

These sessions cover:

• which specific Archangels are guiding you regarding what you have discovered in your Initial Session, learn their healing properties & how to connect/work with the Archangels.

• oracle card readings digging deeper into what your blocks are and what you need to surrender and release

• reviewing your manifestation homework

• guided meditations

• affirmational work

• abundance, gratitude, power of words, law of attraction exercises.

Inspiration Package $480.00 ~ (12 Sessions)

**Payment Options:

This package can be paid either in full upon 1st session or three installments of $160,

(at Sessions 1, 3 & 6)  Sessions can be scheduled monthly.**

If you feel that you'd like further monthly inspiration in tracking/planning/healing your life purpose, each session will involve follow-ups on your manifestation work & reviewing what you have been accomplishing toward your goals each month, along with the  activities done in the Guidance package.

Comfort Package

$720.00  (24 Sessions)

**Payment Options:

This package can be paid either in full upon 1st session or four installments of $180,

 (at Sessions 1, 4, 8, 15) 

Sessions can be scheduled monthly.**

This session provides extra support/comfort  toward a specific life purpose that might require more action-step planning/healing. Each session will involve manifestation exercises, more in-depth detailed action plans, status & reviews between each session & other activities as listed in the Guidance Package. 

Angelic Life Coaching Price-Packaging

***Please Note:  All Angel Readings, Angelic Workshops & Angelic Life Coaching sessions are for entertainment purposes only & not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. Please see licensed psychiatrist or counselor for diagnosis & treatment.***