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A​​ngelic ​Motivation

Hello! My name is Andrea,  Author & 

Angel Guidance Coach

I help others recognize and strengthen their intuition and connection with their Guardian Angels.  Every second we are sent messages, signs and advice from our guides.. This beautiful bond, when embraced and trusted, enables those to truly live a life full of inspiration, clarity and purpose.

My Journey with the Angels

What are Angel Card Readings?

Angel Card Readings, Guardian Angels

Angel Readings

Connects you with Guardian Angels, Archangels & Spirit guides whom offer various levels of guidance, clarity & wisdom for any area of your life. This is deep-inner soul work at its best...helping you navigate your true self.


Angel Card Readings, Specialty Readings, Archangels, Spirit Guides

Specialty Readings

The Angelic Realm is saturated all around you, in the subtle & not so subtle signs & symbols. These readings help decipher, embrace & implement these messages along your journey, so you can trust your flow in life. 


Angelic Life Coaching, Life Purpose, Guidance, Guardian Angels

Angel Guidance Coaching

Aligning Intentions, Embracing Manifestations & Achieving Your Goals. This Five Session guidance provides additional support in helping identify& realign with your purpose, rediscover who you are, commit to your goals & more.


Free 30 Minute 

Consultation Call

Can't decide which Angelic Guidance to experience? You can schedule a call with me to see which path aligns best with you.  All Readings & Coaching Sessions are conducted either via ZOOM (video call), Phone Call or E-mail.  

Let's Chat!

Angel Card Readings, Life Coaching, Guardian Angels, Schedule a Reading

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Messages From My Grandparents I Heaven, Andrea R Freeman, Author, Departed Loved-Ones, Healing, Grieving

Messages From My Heaven...

was born in 2016. This is my personal story of continuing the beautiful connection between grandchild & grandparents after they've passed away, with the help of your Angelic Guides. It's also a healing book to comfort any relationship that has departed from your life.

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Oracle Card Deck FeedbacK 

Receive special giveaways & discounts as a thank for your survey participation toward my Oracle Card Deck designs.  Oracle Cards are one of the ways I conduct Angel Readings.


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Masterclasses On-Demand 

Guardian Angels, Archangels

Dreams & More!

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***Please Note: All Angel Readings, Masterclasses, Resources & Angel Guidance Coaching sessions are for entertainment purposes only & not intended for diagnosis or treatment of any condition. 

 Please see licensed psychiatrist or counselor for diagnosis & treatment.***